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Don't Paint Lines! Use Floor Marking Tape

30/10/2017 16:47:46:
Painting Lines has been common practice in businesses for decades, however using Floor Marking Tapes...

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Are you using Vehicle Reflective Tape Correctly?

Are you using Vehicle Reflective Tape Correctly?

Published: 12/10/2017 15:26:36

Retro Reflective Vehicle Marking Tape and equivalent brands

The regulation was introduced in 2011 for all newly registered HGV's. If you own, operate or service any goods vehicle over 7.5 tonnes or trailers over 3.5 tonnes you need to know about this legislation and act accordingly to avoid serious consequences, specifically in the event of an accident!

3M Scotch Lite Diamond Grade Retro Reflective Vehicle Marking Tape helps to reduce accidents and save lives. Improving safety and increasing visibility of vehicles. Massively reducing accidents which in turn means less time and money spent on repair costs and even legal matters.

using the correct Vehicle Reflective tape inline with current regulations (law) will protects your company against potential legal action related to third party safety in the event of an accident.

Our products meet the regulatory requirements under the ECE104 regulation

Suitable for application on curtain sided vehicles and rigid surfaces.

Please call 01268 768 768 for prices, we will beat what you pay!*

The 3M Range of Vehicle Reflective Tapes

Callus now on 01268 768 768 to discuss your requirements

3M 980 General Purpose Reflective Vehicle Marking Tape

This Reflective Vehicle Tape will help to reduce the likelihood of a vehicles being involved in accident due to lack of visability. The micro prisms within the Reflective Vehicle Tape will catch light from more angles than standard reflective tape making it far more visible.

With pre-sealed edges this Tape resists fuel vapours and fuel spills with up to 8 years exterior durability make this tape one of the very best available today! 3M 983 Scotch Lite Diamond Grade Retro Reflective Vehicle Marking Tape

3M™ 997 Scotch Lite Diamond Grade Retro Reflective Vehicle Marking Tape

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